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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lok Rakshak Dal(LRD) Recruitment Exam: RIT Pitition To Cancle LRD Exam

A police force has been offering people a day at the races with its chief constable and the chance to name a horse in a desperate bid to keep its historic mounted section running following Government cuts.
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Merseyside Police says it has already raised almost £51,000 to help cover the cost of keeping horses since it launched the Standing Tall campaign last April.
This is still far below the £200,000 it says it needs on an annual basis for expenses including for horse feed, farriers and transport.
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Merseyside Mounted Police at  Aintree Racecourse – one of the scheme rewards is a day out with the chief constable at the Grand National (Picture: Rex Features) Merseyside Police Chief Constable Andy Cooke said the sponsorship deals could raise up to £200,000 per year (Picture: Rex Features)
The mounted unit has a 130-year history and in 1896 had 36 horses.
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It now has 15 with eight staff, one sergeant and seven police constables.
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The campaign includes a corporate sponsorship scheme of Platinum, Gold or Silver, offering companies and individuals the chance to attend the Grand National and dine with the chief constable of the force, Andy Cooke.
On its website, it says: ‘We’d like to extend a very special VIP invite to you and a guest, to attend a full day of hospitality at the Grand National.
‘Join the chief constable of Merseyside Police, and other prestigious guests at our table, for a joyous day of racing and fun.’
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There is also the chance to adopt a horse, name a horse, have a corporate logo on saddlecloths for a year – which horses display during ceremonies – and spend a day in the stables as a keeper.
Merseyside Police horses patrol outside Everton Football Club prior to a Premier League match at Goodison Park (Picture: Paul Thomas/Getty Images) A Merseyside Police horse that belongs to the oldest mounted unit in the country, established in 1886 (Picture: Merseyside Mounted Police)
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Four other police forces across the UK; Cleveland, Essex, Humberside, and Nottinghamshire, have already disbanded their mounted units since 2012, following the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review which cut millions from police budgets across the country.

LRD Exam News

Since 2010, Merseyside has lost £103 million in funding as well as 1,100 police officers due to the cuts.
The assistant chief constable, Rob Carden, said if the £200,000 target was reached each year this would mean likewise investment in frontline policing – as the £200,000 wouldn’t have to come out of the police budget.
He told ‘The money made through sponsorship pays for the upkeep costs of the horses, which includes vets fees, feed, saddlery, farriers and transport, totaling approximately £200,000 in the past year.
‘Officers and staff working with the horses will continue to be funded from our normal budget and the money brought in through sponsorship means that we can continue to invest that £200,000 in frontline policing.

‘When the programme was devised, the force made sure that that that the sponsorship was ethical and the sponsors we currently have been already involved with the Force through partnership work. This ensured that those companies had already gone through a vetting procedure.
‘If we were to be approached by other companies, who were not working with us currently, they too would be subjected to vetting before being approved.
‘The horses are greatly loved and respected by the people of Merseyside.’
The Police Federation voiced concerns about the sponsorship move.
Operational spokesman Simon Kempton told the Telegraph: ‘It just doesn’t sit right with me.
‘I worry about this potentially being the thin end of the wedge and ask where it stops.’

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