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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Forest Department Bit Guard Exam Material

Forest vary officers area unit to blame for the forests, setting and wildlife-related problems with a Forest vary among a state or union territory of the Asian country. he's to blame for the execution of all works within the vary, with the assistance of subordinates:

1) Forest atomic number 66. Ranger (also called Forest inspector)

2) Forest Section Officer (also called Forest spherical officers/sub-inspector)

3) Forest Beat Officer (also called Forest Guard)

4) Assistant Forest Guard

5) Forest workers/ watchers

FROs area unit invariably trained in biological science and allied subjects in forest academies or forest rangers schools established and administered by the govt of Asian country or the regime, because the case could also be. The coaching course of Forest varies Officers is prescribed by the govt of an Asian country. The coaching period is of eighteen months which has regarding thirty-five subjects associated with biological science, agriculture, etc.
Detailed Responsibilities
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They have to bear coaching in one amongst the Central Forest coaching Academies or any of the State Forest coaching Academies.
Forest vary Officer is that the officer in government charge of the variable and he or she is to blame for the economic management of the variable, for the custody and condition of all Government Property in his charge and for the discipline, conduct, and work of all his subordinate workers. he's to blame for the execution of all works within the vary, with the assistance of subordinates Forest atomic number 66. Rangers, Forest Section Officers guards, and watchers, in step with the directions and orders of Divisional Forest Officer(DFO).
He is to blame for the gathering and credit of Forest Revenue and for prompt and proper payment of all sums due for the works dead. He should do his inspections well and see that each one this subordinates do their work properly.
In the event serious misconduct of any subordinate, the very Officers ought to report the case to Divisional Forest Officer for disciplinary action.
He ought to maintain all accounts, regarding revenue, expenditure, timber, and different forest turns out, and submit his accounts and reports duly to Division workplace. He ought to take effective measures to safeguard the forest Wealth in his custody.
Where illicit fellings area unit ascertained, the stumps ought to be examined to seek out if they bear the impression of the guard's hammer mark and if they were according through guards farm book and preliminary offense report (P.O.R).
Range Officer is to blame for the protection and he ought to investigate Forest Offences in his very and file charge sheets for the cases ordered for prosecution by Divisional Forest Officer.
He is to blame for the right posting of works Registers, ledgers Journals, Plantation registers and different stationary registers maintained within the vary. He must always wear the prescribed khaki uniform whenever he's on duty, and he ought to see that each one dpt. Rangers, Section Officers, guards, and watchers wear the uniform once on duty.
All correspondence connected with the works within the very ought to submit to Forest vary officer or different superior. The officer might do thus solely through him.

Court summons issued to any subordinate ought to equally be served through the Forest vary Officer, UN agency has got to organize for the duties of the subordinate being allotted throughout his absence.