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Friday, February 8, 2019

Latest New Regarding Badli Camp

Subject: Regarding the process of transfer of primary teachers. Context; Letter No. of Head: PRE / 112016 / Single File - 3 / C, Dt. 08/02/2019

The above-mentioned subject is to inform that the instructions given by the reference letter mentioned above by the Education Department on the replacement camp due to being done by the reference letter, are strictly enforced. According to the instruction given in the letter of the letter in the letter, the scheduled dates of the camp are stated to be kept as follows on 09-10-2012 / 2019.
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Scheduled dates of camp 1 Changing the district level in 01-06-2017. | 14-Feb, 2019 matter of commutation of slaughter-cum-camp
18 to 19-Feb, 2019 3. | Matter of district split camp
22-Feb, 2018 | 4. The matter of new recruitment orders
25-Feb, 2019  After completing the camp, it will be sent by e-mail. Education, Gandhinagar
Subject: The matter of skipping of postponement of primary teachers
For the above mentioned subject matter, you should request the permission to skip the remaining procedures of the change of primary teachers in 2018, on the 1st day of your date of 1st, 01/2002, according to a single file no., Prashanti / k / policy / 19 / cf / k and dt 02/02/2019 Regarding the letter number: 884 in relation to the subject matter relating to the subject matter under the following procedures, following the results of current / fall court cases. In so given government approval, the order details
Regulations of 01-06-2017 dated 23-05-2012 have provisions for this. District-wise, district-wise, for the last 3 years, the district has not changed. 2019 Replace. | 40% of the vacancy in the case of T.01 / 06/17
On the basis of the date of a change in the district office, the actual vacancies in the case of 31/08/2018
Changing the district level according to 40% of the seats. Change of wages has been approved in all the districts of Taka 31/08/2018, 11-13
Have to do Based on this approved establishment, the change in volatility in February, matter.
To camp 2019 of 201 -08 / 2018 of the commute-replacement camp
Position | District Segmentation | Seven (7) districts in the state are newly built. These seven (7) 15 to 1 6 camps The camping division of the district is done in year-2016 and in February, the matter is about.
In each district, the purpose of the generality list is 2019. The first round is processed according to the rank of this seniority list and considering the remaining teachers getting an opportunity for the option as per their rank in the generality list, the change in the compensation mentioned in sequence 2 of this letter will be done by the district division camp on the vacant posts after the camp.