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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Directions to apply online; B.R.C./U.R.C. And C.R.C. Co. ORDINATOR VACANCY

Directions to apply online; B.R.C./U.R.C. And C.R.C. Co. COORDINATOR VACANCY .

"Regarding in the contract for in the post of the  C R C Coordinator based on a 11 months contract under a Comprehensive in the  Education.


  Rajkot, Surat, Tapi, Vadodara and Ahmadabad Corporation) Out of the vacancies of  the working C R C / Coordinator, approximately 40 posts are available from a short and the  short in a term 11 months contract based in a  recruitment process for a candidates with a prescribed educational, professional qualifications and the experience from in the State of the Gujarat.

Online application is a invited. To apply online, graduate as well as a P T C / B.Ed qualified and the TET - l or TET - II or H TAT pass a candidate and at the  least 3 (three) years full time education of the government are recognized primary school on the date of the application.

  Candidate with a experience or a 3 (3) years full time experience of the  K G B V of  the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or a candidate with a 3 (3) years full time experience as a B R P under a Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  Will be a able to.  

Only a ON LINE applications will be a accepted in a respect of this advertisement.  The contract-based appointment to the post is for a short period of the  11 months on a contract in a  basis.  Candidates have to a apply online (ON LINE) by a going to the website and clicking on a  Recruitment.

  Eligibility are required to the apply online, how to the apply, recruitment terms and the conditions  The instruction / guide is a posted on the website, which must be a read and the  applied. 

 The candidate has to print in the online application and keep it with him.  This print out, as well as a certified copy of the prescribed in a qualification certificates and the original certificates must be a submitted at the time of the interview.  

Online (on LINE) Application Period: April 06, 2021 (starting at the  12.5 pm).  April 15, 2021 (up to 8.3 pm).  Probable date of  the publication of online merit: April 8, 2021 Note: Candidates with a  prescribed qualifications and the experience can be a apply for a more than one district.  But he will be have to apply separately for a each district.  Merit list will be a published District Wise.  State Project Director State Project Office Information on  / 20 / 20-21 Total Education, Sector-10, Gandhinagar

To the apply online for the above advertisement, in  the candidate must first visit in the entire education in a website

Go to and click on a Recruitment. The following screen will be a appear below 5.

The latest notification will be a appear in the 5th. To the apply publicly and the  online

See in the required in a qualifications, application procedure, recruitment terms and the conditions notice / guidelines.

To do so, click on the Attachment button on the right side of the Advertisement with in the Latest Notification

To apply a online only after in the candidate has a studied all the details are regarding recruitment Registration will be  have to be done.

Provide a details of the advertisement to be made by the candidate within the registration in a form.

In the registration form, in the candidate should provide his / her name, mother's name, date of birth, gender, email,

Mobile number, password, date photo of the candidate and the signature form a should not a exceed 200 k b.  Can be a uploaded and click on a Register button.

An a email to activate in the account will be a sent to the email address given in the registration form. In a 2

Clicking Here To the Activate will be a  activate to your registered account.

Recruitment are related instructions / transaction will be a done on Email Address and the Mobile.

It is a advisable to the  provide a details of your own mobile number and the  email ID.

The candidate has to enter the details of the email ID and the password and click on the Login button.

After a logging in, the following dashboard will  be a appear in the following screen.

Name of the  place in a Dashboard, maximum age, minimum experience, advertisement

Details of the sample and the notification file and the advertisement and advertisement deadline etc. will be a appear.

Candidates should be correct  in the details of the Registration before a applying online if any.

If so, click on a View Profile on the right side of the Dashboard.

Clicking on View Profile opens in  the following screen. 3rd Candidate J 2 Date, Caste (Male,

Female) and can be a edit  in a details other than email.

Candidates can be a  change in their password by a clicking on the Change Password button

Former Khalshu. Submit in  the details of your Current Password and New Password in the submission

Doing so will change in the password in a details.

Candidate has to the click on  a Apply button to the apply online for in the same.

Click on the Apply button to open the online application form.

Current Working Place in a Details, Current Address, Permanent Address, Education Details, Language

Click on a Save Button to give a details of the  Known, Activity Details and the Experience in a  Details

Your application will be a submitted.

The details given in the Registration Form of the candidate in a Basic Details will be a filled automatically.

Candidate in a Current Working Place in a  Details performing duty in  a Government School, Taluka, District

Select in the same and the select Talks.

Current Address and the  Permanent Address Candidate's current address of the  residential area as well

Show details of the permanent address.

Mandatory in a  details of the required qualifications required by the candidate for a advertisement in a Education Details are mandatory.

Will be  have to give.

In a Language Known, in the candidate chooses options for a knowledge of  the Gujarati, Hindi and English language.

Will be  have to.

In a Activity in a Details, if the candidate is a interested in academic activities and the  students, textbook writing, module.

Writing, Working as a State Level Specialist, State Level Award, Distance Education, By see

Choose Yes Option if you have a State Level Certificate of the  Involvement and the Performance as an a Expert

You have to the write a description.

In the Experience in a  Details, the candidate has to give a details of the experience of the 3rd government school. More

Click on the Add button to enter in the details of the experience. Details of the  essential experience

After in this the candidate should read in the details shown in a Undertaking and check in the options in the check box.

Will be a remain.

After a clicking on the details in the form, you have to click on the Save button.

બાદ After to your application has been a successfully submitted, a message will be a appear on the screen.

Once the online application is a submitted, in  the Edit and Confirm buttons will be a appear in the Dashboard. In 2

Click on a Edit button if the candidate wants to the update any details. Clicking on the Edit Button

The form with in the details filled by the candidate will be a opened by a clicking on the Save button.

The success of the candidate's application will be a saved.

Candidate will be a able to amend in the details till he / she confirms in the application.

Candidate clicks on a Confirm Button to confirm the application along with the filled details of the candidate.

Preview will be a appear. The details filled in by the candidate will be have to be verified or not.

Click After a clicking on Submit Button, a popup box will be  open.

Yes, Submit it! Message that the application has been a  successfully completed by a clicking on the button

Will be a appear.

Once in the application is a submitted, it cannot be a amended as per the details filled by the candidate.

The application has to be a submitted only after confirmation.



After in the application has been a submitted, in the Download button will be a  appear on the Dashboard.

Above a Screen બુ Jab u in a Success! Application Submit Successfully Message

Ar શે will be a considered submitted. No submission will be a considered valid.

Clicking on a Download Button, the application will be a appear in a PDF format

Will have to be  a saved. Candidate should be a apply online during in the advertisement period

Print in  the form

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