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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Do You Understand English but Can't Speak it Fluenlty?

Do You Understand English but Can't Speak it Fluenlty?

If this is often your issue, I even have something to inform you. The thing i'm close to share will cause you to a fluent English Communicator faster than ever!

Dear reader, 

I see repeatedly my students tell me that I'm good at reading and writing, but I struggle tons when speaking in English.

Are you facing an equivalent problem?

Before we start , let me tell you a couple of things.

When my students attempt to speak English, they face these problems: -

The words don’t flow in my mind. 
I get nervous while speaking in English.
Lack of confidence.
I cannot form sentences correctly.
Vocabulary issue.
Hesitation / Lack of confidence.
Grammatical mistakes.
Before taking the Genius Speakers Masterclass, these are the problems my students faced whenever they struggle to speak in English.

If you’re facing an equivalent problems which i discussed above, then concentrate to the present . 

You know, 

Why does one face all of those problems? 

It is thanks to what I call “Lack of Practice.”

If you understand English but cannot speak, then the matter may be a lack of practice. You’re not doing enough practice. 

What does that mean, Abhishek? Could you elaborate a touch more? 

Let me share alittle story of 1 of my students. His name is Ravi. 

Ravi understands English, and when Ravi tries to talk , he can't pronounce the words correctly. 

Even though he forms correct sentences in his mind, he cannot convey that sentence via his mouth. 

The moral of Ravi’s real-life story is he was learning all the grammar rules and vocabulary. 

And, the sole thing he wasn't doing was speaking in English. 

Ravi wanted to be a fluent English speaker.

Can you see the problem? 

You do not got to memorize 1000s of vocabulary and grammar rules to talk in English. 

You need the proper practice to talk fluent English. 

In a moment, I’ll tell you ways you'll start your practice to be a fluent English speaker. 

I want to ask an easy question from you. 

Are you within the same situation as Ravi was? 

Yes, then it’s time to urge out of that situation. 

Are you within the same situation as Ravi was? 
Yes, then it’s time to urge out of that situation. 
Are you able to be a far better English Speaker? 
Are you able to surprise your friends and colleagues together with your English speaking skills? 
Are you able to get an honest job because you'll speak fluent English?
Your answer is YES, an enormous YES! 

Great, i do know you would like to enhance your English speaking skills. 

Before I proceed, here is how you'll start the practice to enhance your English speaking skills. 

I call this 3-step formula to start out speaking in English. 

Note: It’s an easy but super powerful formula that I developed after training 15000 working professionals and students in my workshops. 

The formula is L.P.P.

L.P.P stands for, 

Learn, Practice, and Perform. 

Let me offer you a fast overview of how the L.P.P. formula can assist you to start out speaking in English from today itself. 
Step #1: You learn from our intensive video training, which is 100% practical training, no theories, which you'll implement directly and begin speaking in English. 

Step #2: Then, you practice. In other words, you revise your learnings. 

Step #3: during this step, you perform in our Facebook community (4000+ members) by posting an easy speech a day for seven days. 

Does that sound simple? 

Yes, it’s very simple. I’ll explain the L.P.P. formula in my 100% practical training.

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