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Monday, March 28, 2022

Best translation app for android in the world

         Best translation  app for android in the                     world 

    top  10 Free Language Translation Apps for        Android and iOS


  1Day Translations

When it come  quick and reliable translation, the Day Translations app is one of the best translation apps  out there. What make it stand out is the fact that it’s an app for both machine and human translation. 

If you need to translate text in a document  a recorded speech with irrefutable accuracy (something machine translation apps are incapable of doing), take advantage of the Day Translation app’s human translation solutions. Go to the Human Translation feature and arrange for a human translator to proficiently and promptly do a file, audio, image, video, link, or text translation

  2. Speak & Translate

HighlightsSpeak and Translate Logo.jpg

Highlights Google Translate Logo

Free language translation app Android and iPhone

Supports text translations in 117 language and speech translation (or conversation translations) in 32 language

Capable of doing camera translations in 45 languages and photo/image translations in 80 languages




3.Google Translate App

 Google Translate has one of the most advanced  not the most advanced free translation software. The great tech is what make Google Translate one of the most popular translation apps in the world as it can be used for formal  and informal speech. It is the result of year of development and the most recent relevant technological advancements. These manifest in the extensive range of feature the app offer. It can translate text in more than 200 languages and is even capable of offline translation in multiple language (59 to be exact). Additionally, it can translate text and numbers as taken by a device’s camera (camera translation) or by a photo or image fed into the app (not taken by the camera)

4. say hi app

Android | iOSSay Hi App


Free translation app for Android and iOS

Support text and speech translations in 80 languages

Camera translation capable that can translate some Asian character

Can translate and copy translation across app

Male and female voices for speech translation ability to slow down speech speed



5.  ITranslate  

translation app and language dictionary app that can translate text messages, voice-to-voice, as well  text-to-voice translation. With more than 200 languages supported, Translate is a handy communication tool to have as you travel to different part of the world. The user-friendly interface also means the tool  is  to use even on smaller devices like your apple watch.




6. TripLingo

Android | iOSTripLingo Logo


Free (limited) translator for Android and  with a premium/paid (full) version

Instant voice translation in 19 languages

Comes with more than 26,0080 phrase in 15 languages

Has over 30,000 professionally recorded translation audios

Provides an offline language dictionary with approximately 10,0000 word

Image translation capable

Allows user to connect to a human translator (premium service) for getting more accurate live translation

TripLingo App FeatureAdvertised as the ultimate tool for international busi


7. Microsoft Translator

Android | iOSMicrosoft Translator Logo


Free language translation app for  and Android

Supports text translations in 63 languages and speech translation in 22 languages

Supports camera and image translation

Enables multi-person translated conversations

Microsoft Translator, moreover, has a rich phrasebook as well as pronunciation guides, which are un feature in Microsoft Translator is nothing new, but it works really well. It’s not perfect, but it’s one  the best implementation of this technology.


8. Naver Papago Translate 

Android | iOSNaver Papago Translate Logo


Free translator to download  Android and iOS devices

Supports text and speech translations in 15 languages

Capable of doing image translations

Comes with a dictionary and phrasebook

“Papago Kids” feature basic foreign language learning



9 .Linguee


 Android | iOSLinguee App logo


Free language translation app for iPhone

Supports text translations in 10 languages

No speech translation function

Predictive translation search (Quick Search)

Developed with the help of lexicographers


10. Translate 

Android | iOSYandex.Translate Logo


Free iOS and Android translator app

Supports text translations in 85 languages, speech translation in 48 languages, and camera translations in 182 languages

Allows website translation

Features dictionaries for most  languages supported

Wese, Turkish, Polish, and Ukrainian.


Human Translations Reign Supreme

We have developed  friendly, easy to use free translations app, available for iOS and Android on your phone, and any desktop. However, consider that machine-generated translation, even with AI and neural network involved, are not guaranteed to be fully accurate.  


IAndroid | iOSLinguee App logo


Free language translation app for iPhone

Supports text translations in 10 languages

No speech translation function

Predictive translation search (Quick Search)

Developed with the help of lexicographers


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