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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

top 10 instant personal loan giving app

   top 10 instant personal loan giving app 

1. Afinoz Instant Personal Loan App 

Simple and end-to-end digitalized loan application process

There are additional benefit  cashback up to Rs 5000 on disbursal 

With a single application, you can compare and apply for  most suitable loan. 

There will be complete security  your financial data.

You get  update about different financial product.

You can enjoy access your record anytime, anywhere


 is a digital lending app that was founded by professional who are using their experience in finance, banking and technology in various multinational firm to lend money online.

They offer loans from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 5,00,000/. 

These loans can be repaid in equated monthly only electronically. 

The interest rates start from 11.99% per  

Tenure  loan can be from three months to thirty-six months.

Apart from a processing fee, there are no ot hidden charges.

3.  App for Personal Loan

 is a fast way to get  Instant loan. You can digitally  the loan in equated monthly .

There is no need  credit card. 

 does not require you  a credit score. 

The loan process is so streamlined that  takes  five minutes online. 

Loans up to one  sanctioned instantly. 

You can earn 100% cashback on your  

You get  gift card from online partners such as Amazon,t,

4.  Loan App for Personal Loan

 gives Instant personal loan starting from Rs. 1000 and  up to Rs. 50,000. 

Loans are given to professional, executives and businessmen. 

Tenure  the loan varies from fifteen day to four month. 

This is an easy . 

The processing of the loan is quick.  

The money  credited into your account within two working day.

5. i Loan App

 app grant personal loans within minute up to Rs. 15 lakh.

You can also avail of a loan for sum as small as Rs. 1000/. 

This app is supported by  venture. 

Loans have tenure beginning from three months and going up to twenty month. 

These are unsecured. 

You get the money in your account instantly. 

The online process take only five minute. 

A loan up to Rs. 15,000 is available online. 

The interest rate is 11.99%. 

The processing fee is 5% of the loan amount.


Self-employed  professional can both avail instant loan on this app. You need  have a monthly salary of Rs. 22,000 and above. You need to create  profile  this app and upload your document. 

The  app will also you about the approved  amount available to you.

There is a very low rejection rate of  application. 

In case you do  withdraw the entire amount sanctioned, you will be charged interest only the amount you have withdrawn. 

The maximum  amount offered is Rs. 5 lakh.


 app that helps young professional reach out to their dream. It has    direct money transfer to your bank account. 

This offers you  loan up to Rs. 1 lakh. 

The entire process is online, starting from applying to cash being disbursed and is so efficient that  takes only fifteen minute. 

Loans are available from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 1 lakh. 

The monthly interest rate is 3% of the principal. 

Fund are transferred immediately the seeker’s bank account.


This is a unique app. Even before you enter   detail you can access your loan limit by entering mobile number. 

 sanctions more than a million loan a month. 

Personal loans up to Rs. 1 are disbursed quickly. 

This app is very safe. 

There is  fourteen-day-interest-free window for repayment.  

The loan come with borrower-friendly equated monthly 


 app designed especially for student. 

It is easy use and offer loans to student at competitive rate. 

Very few document needed sanctioning the and money is quickly disbursed the account.

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