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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

top 10screen lock app for android in india

  top 10screen lock app for android in india

1. NiL S Notification Lock Screen: 

NiLS Lock Screen - Lock Screen Apps For Android

This lock screen app give you the way to access notifications on the locked screen itself. You can check notifications of Gmail, Facebook,  and more right from your lock screen without the need of unlocking it. You  even  background image and install many. It allow you the set the number of notifications  shown on the lock screen.

When you are done with looking at notifications and taking necessary actions,  swipe down on the screen.  also has the clock as a built- feature. It  available for free of cost.

Download Here.

2. C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro: Lock Screen Apps

C Locker Pro is also a good lock screen app Android to try. It has auto taking selfie if someone tries  unlock your phone. This lock screen app also email you about the same. It support  and pattern lock along with a fingerprint sensor in some of the supported devices. There are more than 30 custom shortcut you can Crete to make call, read notification, access apps and more. The free version  the app come with basic feature and most of the interesting feature are only available in the paid version.


3. Hi Locker

Hi Locker

Hi Locker is also of  best lock screen app for Android. The app comes with option and doesn’t put much load on the battery. It comes with 3 unlock style and also support Fingerprint sensor on many devices. You can and feel of the lock screen as per your interest. It also  random wallpaper from Flickr keep the lock screen refreshed. You can also  weather information   screen if you want.

Download Here

4. Dynamic Lock Screen:

Dynamic Lock Screen

This application just light up a little to show notification of your missed calls and received messages on the lock screen. This also show the notifications of received emails and message on other social media site. You can your photo  the background image. It allow  to share the screenshot of your lock screen with your friend, Facebook, Twitter and more. An important feature  this app , it does not light up when your mobile is in your pocket. This is to avoid any accidental situation.

It is available free  cost and if you are a premium member you will get additional features like hiding the sender’s name and number in the notification, activating night mode and many other . It also provides the option to change the icon of the lock to be shown on the screen.

Download Here.

5. Always On 

Always On  app Android

If you like  Always-On display of Samsung devices and want the same in your phone, you can try Always On  app on your phone. It emulates similar kind of always-on display where it shows clock, notification and various other thing. The aim of the app is to provide user quick information without needing to touch the phone. If your phone has an LCD display, it won’t be as good but it work really well in devices with  panel. The app come with a few custom watch faces and support pocket mode. It also support Double to wake, Swipe up to wake, Volume key to wake and Back button to wake. You can also  your preferred screen orientation.


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6. AcDisplay

 : Lock screen app for Android

 is a simple lock screen app that uses   approach. It add Ambient display like option on any Android phone. The app has an active mode  your device. It shows new notification on the lock screen and lets you open them directly from the lock screen.

You can also enable dynamic background, block an app from sending notification, and configure more things. It comes with several background .

The only thing wrong with this app is that it has not been updated  long. The last update was pushed back July 2015/

Download Here

7. LokLok

LokLok : Lock screen app

LokLok is another interesting lock screen app  Android. You can leave notes, drawing, and photo on the lock screen. It is like a shared whiteboard but useful only if your friend are also involved. You can create a group of people who will be sharing the same  screen. You can write   draw something and it will be shown on  those people’s lock screen.


8. Semper

Semper : Lock Screen Apps

Semper is for learners who  learn something valuable. The app ask you vocabulary question when you try to unlock the phone. If you do know the answer, you can still access your  anyway. With time, increases puzzle difficulty   learning.

The app offers more than 50,00  pack  over 50 languages. So, you can more than 50 languages.

Download Here

9. Floatify

 : Lock Screen App

 is also a good lock screen replacement  that actually look like the stock lock screen of Android.  can add thing like notification, weather, and other data as  your interest.  app has model feature like chat head, themes and turning the display on when you pock the phone. The app let you send a reply to messages directly from notification. It  offer 

 music control on the lock screen.

Download Here

10. Start

Start - Lock screen app

 also a good lick screen  you shouldn’t miss. It offer easy acces to news and content source. You  easy  intuitive navigation. There are various password , news, weather, app shortcut and more. It  include little quizzes you can take to pass  time. The app is free to download and  but it contain ads.

Download Here

These are the best  for Android Device. Install in your device and protect your important files and document. additional features of accessing messages and call from the lock screen are very useful. Hurry up!

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