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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Top 10 Longest Beaches in a India.

Top 10 Longest Beaches in a India.

India has a long coastline, which are stretches to about a 7517 km from Arabian Sea to the  Bay of Bengal. India is a surrounded by a Bay of  the Bengal in the East, Arabian Sea in the West and Indian Ocean in the South.

This beautiful coastline are offers wide range of the  beautiful beaches with a nature at it is a best. Here is a list of  the top 10 longest beaches in a India.

Marina Beach – Chennai, Tami Nadu, India.

Marina Beach are located in a Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the longest beach in a India and it is the second longest beach in the world. The beach stretches nearly a 13 km are including in the Promenade with a golden sands. It is a recreational hub for the localities and most preferred tourist destination in a Chennai.

Additionally, there are several good budget and the luxury hotels near a marina beach, making it one of the best travel attraction in a Chennai even for a visitors.

Best time to the  visit:

The best time to the visit Marina Beach is a during in the winter months from a November to the February, where the average temperature ranges from a 28-30 degrees.

Things to do:

The beach are offers you a carnival backdrop with a Eatery stalls offering in a local cuisine. One should not a miss the horse ride and the famous thenga manga pattani sundal in the beach.

Major attractions:

Some of the nearby attractions are Lighthouse, which is a erected at the end of the beach and the offers panoramic view of the Bay of Bengal. Other than this, Memorials of the  famous Tamil Nadu political Personalities and Aquarium are must be visit a places near in the beach.

Colva Beach– Goa, India

Colva Beach are located in a South Goa, is the best alternative destination to the over-crowded commercial beaches in a North Goa. The beach stretches 5 km along the coastline, which makes it the longest beach in a Goa.  The beach is a paradise with a soul stirring shades of the  palm trees and lovely white sand. The scenic beach resorts in a Colva beach makes it a popular romantic getaway for a beach lovers in a India.

Best time to visit:

Best time to the visit Colva beach is a during the winter months from a November to the February, where the average temperature ranges from a 22-30 degrees.

Things to do:

This beach are offers various water activities like a surfing and kayaking through in the backwater canal. Many beach shacks are lined up, which are provides fresh Goan seafood. Stay in a beach facing cottages arranged for a tourist with all the basic amenities.

Major attractions:

Some of the near by a attractions are “Our Lady of the Mercy Church”, founded in a 1630; this church is a famous for it is a 16th century architecture. A small trek to the hilltop near by the beach offers you an a enthralling view of the  shinning crystal clear  a Arabian Sea.

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Muzhappilangad Beach– Kannur, Kerala, India

Muzhappilangad Beach are located in a Kannur district of the  Kerala is the longest drive-in a beach in a India. The beach stretches across a 4.5 km along the coastline and is the one and only drive-in beach in a Asia. The unique hardness of the sand in in this beach allows people to the  drive in their vehicle directly along the shores of the beach.

This beach is a located some 14 Km from Kannur. Staying in a Kannur will be the best option when you plan to the visit this beach. Kannur has a several hotels and the resorts that can be suit all the  budget.

Best time to visit:

The period between the months of  the September to May is the perfect time to reach in this destination. The temperature ranges from a 26- 28 degrees.

Things to do:

Enjoy in the cool breeze drive along the shores of this beach by a splashing the water with a roaring speed. Take to a boat ride to near by Dharmadam Island to the sight dolphins swimming right beside you.

Major attractions:

Muzhappilangad Beach in a Fiesta conducted in the month of  the September brings major attraction from all over the state to this beach. A number of the  activities like a amusement rides, water rides, cinematic dances, Ghana males and auto- expos are organised. Tallahassee fort, St. Angelo  fort and Ezhara Beach are some popular getaways near in the beach.

Ramakrishna beach– Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ramakrishna beach alias R K beach is the most popular commercial beach of the  Andhra Pradesh. The beach has it is a unique view with a hills located on the either side of it is end. It stretches 3 km from a Veda park on one end to the Aquarium on a another end. The beach waters are very suitable for a swimming and the  surfing, which is the reason many people visit here. The stretch hosts number of the  monuments, parks and  best hotels in a Visakhapatnam.

Best time to visit:

The suitable season to the visit in this beach is from October to the  March, where the temperatures levels are cool and makes everyone comfortable to the sit and relax.

Things to do:

Submarine museum is a worth visiting place in the beach, where the real submarine is a brought to the shore to the show the life of the  people living in it and glimpse of it is  a technical aspects. People can be take a long walk on the neatly paved footpaths.

Major attractions:

There are many attractions near by R k beach and the prominent one is a Veda Park, which is at a distance of the  2 km along the beach stretch. This lush green park is the treat to have a good time with your family and the friends. Other than this, submarine museum, war memorial, Aircraft museum and the Marine aquarium are some popular spots near in the beach.

Kaup beach– Udupi, Karnataka, India

Kaup beach also called as a kapu by a locals is an a unexplored beach located in a udupi, Karnataka. The breath taking a view of  the 2 km beach stretch from the hillock gives you goose bumps to see the lush green coconut grooves merging with a deep blue sea. It has a gigantic lighthouse erected over the hillock, which gives in the beach a cinematic view. The sunset view in this beach gives you a divine feeling.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  visit in this serene beach is a between the months of  the October to March.

Things to do:

Do not miss to watch the sunset at this location and it is a beauty provides feast for your eyes.

Major attractions:

Lighthouse is the major attraction here and is a visited by a every one heading towards the beach. It is the Center of  the attraction to click a memorable in a photographs.

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha temple is a famous Krishna temple in a Udupi and it is a visited by a people from all the over India. Festivals like a Makara Sankranthi, Ratha Sapthami, Madhva Navami and  Hanuman Jayanthi are celebrated grandly in this temple.

Udupi being both a religious and tourist attraction in a Karnataka, we are  suggest you plan your travel in a advance and make prior accommodation arrangements in a Udupi.

Ganpatipule Beach – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Located in the Konkan coast of the Ratnagiri, this is one of the cleanest and most serene beaches of the Maharashtra. The coastal length of this beach is a 10 km with a lush coconut and mangrove trees lining along the beach. The beach are offers you a peaceful atmosphere and habitat to the several migratory birds.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  visit Ganpatipule beach would be from a October to the  March before the arrival of  the summer.

Things to do:

This beach offers beach shacks and food stalls that are offer local foods. The beach resorts near the Ganpatipule beach are offer you most exclusive rooms and peaceful stay. Camel rides and Horse rides are famous in this beach.

Major attractions:

The most visited place is a Swambhu Ganapati Temple, where large number of the  devotees pay visit and the offerings to the main deity of the  temple. Other attractions are include in the Jaigad fort perched on a hilltop near the Jaigad Creek and Prachin Konkan museum.

Ahmed poor Mandvi Beach– Junagadh, Gujarat, India

Ahmed poor Mandvi Beach is a hidden treasure located in the Junagadh district of  the Gujarat. The 6 km beach stretch offers you abundant excitement and adventures ranging from a water sports, camel rides, Horse rides and the Dolphin sighting. The beach is a located adjacent to the  Diu Islands, where you can hop into a boat to reach in the Island.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  visit this enthusiastic beach is a during summer months of  the March to July to enjoy it is a beauty and water sports.

Things to do:

Parasailing, speed boat, water scooter are some of the adventurous rides to do in this beach. Camel rides along in the pristine Seashore gives you an a unforgettable experience.

Major attractions:

The best spot to the visit is a Diu Island, which is a located adjacent to the beach. The Island offers you historical in a forts, underground caves and a 16th century church.

There are not many hotels located near in the Ahmedpur Mandvi beach. So, we would suggest making a prior booking

Radhanagar Beach– Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Radhanagar beach are located in a Have lock Islands of the Andaman & Nicobar is a widely acclaimed by the top most travel a magazines as best beach in the world. A stretch of  the 2 km with a Pure white sand, shinning blue water and lush greens as it is a backdrop this beach is a paradise for a beach lovers and honeymooners. The beach is less crowded, clean and offers abundant water sport activities.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  explore in this place is a during the months of the October to March. This is the best time to the enjoy water activities and the deep Sea diving in this beach.

Things to do:

Most famous water in a sports activities can be a enjoyed in this beach like a Deep Sea diving, Snorkel-ling, Surf riding, Kayaking etc. The Sunset view at the beach gives you a heart warming and the soul stirring touch.

Major attractions:

Due to it is a pristine waters and the  unexplored coral reeves, diving in this beach pulls major tourists to come here.  Elephant beach, Kaalapathar beach and Vijayanagara beach are most famous tourist places near in the beach.

Similar to the scenic beach, there are few scenic beach resorts in a Rad-ha N agar that are offers comfortable stay a overlooking in  the beach.

A quick search in a make my trip .com shows only a 4 available beach resorts in a Radhanagar. So, we would suggest prior planning to visit the beach.

Swargadwara beach – Puri, Odis-ha, India

This beach is a famous beach are located in a holy city of  the Puri, Odis-ha. Swargadwara means “Gateway to the heaven” and people believe that immersing in  the remaining ashes of their beloved ones in this beach water may be rest in their soul in a heaven. The beach is a famous for it is a sand sculptures festival conducted every year with a unique theme.

Accommodation here is not an a issues. There are several budget and the luxury hotels near in the Puri beach that are offers comfortable stay.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  visit this Holy place is a during in the months of the  October to January, where the temperature will be a pleasant and calm.

Things to do:

Take  to a camel and horse ride along the shores of the beach. Make sure to visit the magnificent sand castles built on the beach. Get a blessings from the famous “Puri Jagannath” temple located near the beach.

Major attractions:

“Puri Jagannath temple” is a must visit place near in the beach, which is a built in a 10th century for a Lord Jagannath. Ganesh temple, Chilika Lake and Raghurajpur heritage crafts village are some of the most visited spots near in the beach.

Dig-ha Beach– Dig-ha, West Bengal, India

With a huge stones and concrete steps, this is one of the popular commercial beaches in a West Bengal . With a several beach resorts in a Dig-ha, this beach serves as the holiday spot for a beach lovers in a West Bengal with all the commercial aspects like a beach resorts, food stalls and the shopping in a centers. The beach is a encircled with a casuarinas plantations along in the coast adding more charm to it.

Best time to visit:

The best time to the  visit Dig-ha beach is a between July to the March marks in the best time to explore in this place, as the weather is a calm and pleasant.

Things to do:

The sunrise and sunset are beautiful in a Dig-ha beach, which gives you artistic scenery. Enjoy in the Sea breeze by a sitting on the concrete steps paved along the Sea facing coastline. The beach is a flat with a low tides and thus makes it is a ideal place for a swimming.

Major attractions:

Marine aquarium and science museum are the latest attractions near a Dig-ha beach, which displays the marine bio-diversity of the region. Lord Shiva temple and the Amravati Park are also a major tourist attraction near in the beach.

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