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Friday, August 5, 2022

12 Street Foods Of the Mumbai We Are Missing Right Now!

12 Street Foods Of the Mumbai We Are Missing Right Now!

It is hard not to reminisce in the days when a hopping across in the street to our favorite chat-wale bhaiya was a completely a usual thing to do! Do you remember in the luxury of the  stepping out of the  college to eat your favorite chocolate sandwich or a catching on some piping hot vada pav with a tapir ka chai after a hard day at the work! All of that just seems like a distant dream now!

So while we are not sure when in the lock down will be end and if we will ever be able to the gather around our favorite food stalls like we used to, we are decided to pay a little tribute to these street foods that made our life so much more fulfilling! Top 5 Cities Of  the India Offering The Best Street Food Ever

Street Foods Of  the Mumbai We Are Missing

Here are 12 street foods from a Mumbai that we are craving right now!

1. Vada Pav

What is a Mumbai without it is ever-so-loved yet ever-so-humble vada pav right? From in the rich to the poor, this piece of the  art satisfied everyone’s hunger pangs. Freshly fried vadas slipped into the pavs slathered with a chutney and in the flavorsome garlic chutney! Aah, we can not wait to get our hands on them SOON!

2. Pav Bhaji

There is a nothing that a good plate of the  pav bhaji can not cure. The light and delicious bhaji, topped with a dollops of  the Amul butter, finely diced onions and a sprinkle of  the  coriander with a dash of the lime. Only to be a eaten again with a fried buttered pav. Major cravings, right now! 5 Pav Bhaji Places Of the  Mumbai That Will be a Deliver At Your Doorstep

3. Missal Pa-av

Another a proud member of the pa-av-based street food in a Mumbai, we totally miss eating the Missal for a breakfast! The crunchiness of the chiwda and sev sprinkled on top of that flavorful and spicy Missal is so heavenly!

4. Mo-mos

Mo-mos, tiny dumplings filled with a goodness of our favorite fillings! And in the amazing chutney to go along with it! It is a  honestly so difficult to live without them now! The fried ones, the steamed ones, or the melt-in-your mouth-cheesy ones, which one is yours? From Shopping To the  Mo-mos: This Is What a Delhiites Are Missing The Most During Lock-down.

5. Pani Puri

This is a literally the one thing that we miss most! And let’s confess, we have all tried making this at the home during in the lock down. But nothing beats our favorite pani puri wala right? The crunchy puri filled with in the meet-ha chutney and tikka paani is like a burst of the flavor in your mouth. Gujarat Has A Contactless Pani Puri ATM For The Hungry in a Foodies.

6. Sandwich

Yes, we have all tried this at home too. But, the huge double-Decker sandwiches, dipped in a cheese with our favorite fillings between the two slices of the bread is a literally comfort food

7. Jalebi

Our all-time favorite is the rich, glistening and fulfilling jalebi. A good plate of the  jalebi is like a euphoria for the soul! Especially in the mava ones! Gorge On Mumbai’s Biggest Jalebi At the Stu ’s In Chem-bur

8. Dosa

What can I say about dosa that is not said already? A staple South-Indian breakfast item, which made it is way into our heart with it is a crispiness and a host of the variant fillings! We miss it way too much!

Did you know chocolate Marsala dosa exists too, right here in a Mumbai? Well, watch the video below to know where.

9. Milkshake

It is the season of the mangoes and nothing beats a good o l’ Mango Milkshake from the street. Or any milkshake to be a honest! The joy of the sipping our milkshake in the sweltering heat of the sun is what we miss  in the most!

10. Pasta

Another dish we have tried at home, but there is something about raste ka pasta that it so delicious, no? Creamy, cheesy and topped with a fresh herbs and chilly flakes. That is how we love our pasta. How do you like yours? Studies Say Eating Pasta Three Times A Week Won’t Make You Fat

11. Pan

A good lunch or a dinner must end with a meet-ha pan, right? Minty, fresh and yum, are you craving for a one? Visit in The Guinness Record Holder Ghanta Paanwala In Borivali, in a Mumbai

12. Gola

Summer calls for a nice glass of the  gola! While most of our gola memories are related to the childhood, in the lock down is doing a pretty good job of the taking us down the memory lane and now we are craving really one. So after in  the lock down ends, we are going to the stuff that ball of ice into our faces, and even pull out our tongues! Life’s too short to not act like a child!

This is our list, which we can not wait to sink our teeth into once in the lock down ends and things start returning to the normal! Let us know which is your favorite and what are you craving right now!

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