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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Raksha Bandhan on 2022: From wellness retreats to the investments. quirky gifts for your sibling.

Raksha Bandhan on 2022: From wellness retreats to the investments. quirky gifts for your sibling.

The festival is the symbol of the bond between in a siblings. Here are unique ways to make in the day special for your siblings

Raksha Bandhan (August 11), occurs in the sacred month of the  Shravana. The festival is the symbol of the bond between a siblings. Traditionally, in the significance of the  Raksha Bandhan cent-res around to a sister tying rakhi (sacred thread) to her brother and in the latter promising to the protect her. The day also a involves siblings exchanging in a gifts. With a changing times, in the gifting choices have also a changed.

Here is a curated list of the  unique gifts:

Travel junkie

Does to your sibling love to the  travel? Is s/he a wanderlust? Or you both are perhaps? Surprise to your partner-in-crime with to a trip to their favorite destination or a help them strike one off from in their bucket list. You can make it is a extra special by a going on a sibling trip. If the time is too short to the plan a mini vacancy, you can take to a one-day trip to a nearby destination. Make in the day just about you two and leave in the family behind.

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Are you tired of the watching to your sibling laboring throughout in the week at the workplace and want them to the relax and chill? Encourage them to the engage in a some self-care by a gifting them to a digital detox or a spiritual course at a wellness center. You can also a book to a spa session to the help in them distress.

If your sibling is a fitness enthusiast, you can be present them with a gym membership or a buy them a gym wear or kit or a fitness band or a ring to the  help them monitor in their health.

Financial security

What better time than Raksha Bandhan to the secure to your sibling’s future by making to a financial investment for them? Present them with to a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). A SIP in a mutual funds will be help to your sibling achieve in their objectives, such as a saving for a wedding or a buying to a vehicle, etc, by allowing them to make a monthly investments. In a India, gold is a considered an a auspicious and popular gift. Instead of the  buying physical, take in the digital route by a investing in a Gold E T F in their name. In times of the financial crisis, gold will be act as a lifesaver.

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The pandemic taught us in the importance of the health and that emergency in the funds. Though you may be a believe that now is not the ideal time to the consider insurance, it is a probably in the best choice you can make for them. It can be a life, health, travel, property, long-term disability, and auto insurance. There are a variety of the insurance covers in the market from which you can be  pick and choose.

Sweet touch

If your sibling has a sweet tooth, make in  the day sweeter by a presenting them with a various chocolates and desserts. Gift them Cocoa Cellar’s alcohol-infused desserts, My-protein's Whey Gift Box, or The Healthy Variety Gift Box from a Happy Jars. Mad Over Donuts has a special Raksha Bandhan box comprising delicious doughnuts in a different flavors. If doughnuts are not your scene, you can also a opt for a Cheesecake Gift Boxes from a Love & Cheesecake. For in the health-conscious sibling, present them with a Power Cummings's exquisite gift pack comprising of the different types of the gummier catering to the various needs. 

These are just a few ideas which you can be a consider while choosing to a Raksha Bandhan gift. Whatever you choose to the gift, add to a personal touch to make it is a  special.

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