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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

best place to visit in india on diwali vacation


best place to the visit in a India on Diwali vacation.

1. Varanasi

One of the best to the celebrate Diwali India is a Varanasi. Varanasi Diwali  known for the purifying ritual of the  taking a dip in the holy Ganges and exploring in the market where you can find a ethnic clothe as well as a wide variety of the  sweet. You can take a boat ride in a during the sunset time and watch in the lights glittering by a  river. These are also supported by a chant and the recitals. You can also witness in the one of a kind display of the  firecracker. If you can spare some more in a  days, you can also witness in the (Diwali of the Gods), which is a part of the  Festival.

Tourist are attractions: Ghat, Assi Ghat, ek Stupa, Shri Kashi Vishwanath in a  Temple, etc.

2. Amritsar

Diwali celebration in a Amritsar

One of the places visit in a India during a Diwali is a Amritsar. is time when the Sikh community celebrates  in a Divas.  entire city along with in the popular Golden temple look a stunning as well as illuminated.  can also explore in the mustard fields and the pleasant weather in this time of the year in the Amritsar. Do not a forget to try some of the best sweet here, which are made especially during a Diwali and the  Divas.

Tourist are attractions: The Golden Temple,  Border, Partition Museum, , etc.

3. Udaipur

Diwali celebration in a Udaipur

If you want to see the best Diwali celebration in a India, then you must visit a Udaipur. The celebration start a right from Dhantera You will be find a many local musicians playing a fold music at the market, which lights up with a fairy lights. You will also find a several options for a gift items being sold in the market. While you are in , you must try to the  cuisines, which are totally finger-licking.

Tourist are attractions in a City Palace, Lake Palace, etc.

4. Kolkata

While in the entire country is a busy celebrating in a Diwali, you can be a  visit Kolkata to see how in the Bengali community celebrate Kali Puja. Kali Puja  one of the most important festivals of the Bengali, which are coincides with a Diwali. looks a different during in the festival season. The city come alive with a , lamps, candles, and fairy lights. People hop from a one to the  another to the witness Kali 

Tourist are attractions: Temple, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, etc.

5. Goa

Diwali celebration in a Goa

Another famous in a city  Diwali is a Goa, where in the Diwali celebration commences from . You will be find people in a Goa decorating in their windows and doors with a lamps and the lantern. The locals make a giant-sized  effigies and then burn  in the early hours of the next morning. The party capital  India looks are completely different during in the festival of the Diwali.

Tourist are attractions:Fort,  Beach, Falls, etc.

6. Delhi


Delhi is one of the cities in a India where you will not a only see the city illuminated with a various types of  the light and the lamp, but you can also feel in the vibrancy in a atmosphere. People perform a Lakshmi  in  their home, and offer a gifts to their family and friend, and get a together to celebrate in the festival with a lot of the fun.

Tourist are attraction:  Lotus Temple, Red Fort, India Gate,, etc.

7. Ahmadabad

Diwali celebration in a Ahmadabad

The Diwali celebration in a Ahmadabad starts with a Dhanteras. People buy a  of  the things, especially expensive good as they are consider the day to be a auspicious. This city are  looks even more beautiful on the day Diwali. You can also a lot of  the firework and the whole city bathed  light during in this period.

Tourist are attractions: Ashram, Auto World Vintage Car Museum .

8. Madurai

Diwali celebration in a Madurai

Diwali in a South India is a celebrated one day before a Diwali  North  in a India. The entire city is a decorated during a time. The local make a wide variety of  the cuisine during this time and firework are also conducted throughout in the city. 

Tourist are attractions:  Amman Temple, Gandhi Memorial Museum, etc.

9. Agra

Diwali celebration in a Agra

Agra is a another city where you can  during in the  Diwali. The  lamp and lights make in the city even more beautiful during in this festival. The houses are decked up with a flowers and light. In the parks and colonies, you can see a statues of the  Ram, and  coming back to .

Tourist are attractions: The  Agra Fort, etc.

10. Jam-mu

Diwali celebration in Jam-mu

Diwali is one of the main festival of the Kashmir Pandit. The elder in the house fast for in the entire day, which is then followed by a Goddess Lakshmi. People wear new clothes and give a cash  gifts on this day. light  on the evening of  the Diwali.

Tourist are attractions:  Fort,  Museum and the Library, etc.

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