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Thursday, March 31, 2022

top 10 high return paying mutual funds in india

  top 10 high return paying mutual funds in india

1. Axis Bluechip Fund (Large-Cap)

Launched  Axis Mutual Fund, the Axis  Fund currently has an  of  29,160.6 crore and invest in blue-chip stock or stocks of large that financially stable and established.  are less volatile than mid-cap  small-cap stocks and have sufficient liquidity, they are rated high risk and the minimum SIP is set to  500 with the minimum lump sum investment set 5000. The Axis  Fund aims o  long-term capital growth through investment in diverse portfolio and is suitable for investor who are looking for long-term capital appreciation. The 5-year  for the fund is 18.50%.

2. Equity Fund (Large-Cap)

An equity mutual fund scheme launched by Mutual Fund, this scheme has been available since 2013 and seeks to provide capital appreciation by mainly investing in companies having large market n. With  current Asset Under Management ) of  3,691.25 , the fund is rated extremely risk and the minimum SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is set  1000. While the returns are taxed  15% if fund is redeemed before one year, customer are required to pay 10% along with an tax on the returns of  1 + in a financial year. The fund offer a 5-year 08%.

3. India Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund

With an expense ratio of 0.37% and a minimum SIP amount of  1000, the M India p Opportunities fund currently has an AUM of INR 2383.38 cr. While the minimum lump sum amount is 5000, for units crossing 10% of the investment, 0.5% will be the levied charges for redemption within 90 days. Classified as very high risk, the  India p Opportunities Fund is best suited for investors who aim to invest for at least 3-4 years and are seeking high returns, and have a 5-year of 21.23%.

4. Axis Mid-Cap Fund

Having an  13,834.27 , the companies chosen  the portfolio of this fund are the ones with high growth prospects to assist the investment goal of quick wealth creation.  the Axis Fund is a moderately high risk, it’s suitable for those looking to invest for 3-4 year and wish to receive high return., being a high-risk fund, investor also need to be prepared for the possibility of moderate losses in their investment. The fund 5-year  of 21.13% and is ideal for long-term goal such  education, retirement, etc.

5. Nippon India Small-Cap Fund

Looking to focus on small-cap companies  sector, the Nippon India Small-cap Fund is extremely high risk with minimum SIP investments set to 100 while the lump sum investment is 5000 with  exit load of 1% if redeemed within a month. Made available to investors in 2013, the fund is ideal for those with greater risk appetite and are expecting higher returns although investor need to be ready for moderate owing to the risk factor. The fund offers a 5-year of 23.61%.

6. SBI Small-Cap Fund

With a Net Asset Value  102.68 as of 16th Aug 2021,   small-cap fund has an 9,620.21 with an expense ratio of 0.84%. Being extremely high risk, the fund has a minimum SIP of 500. The stock selection strategy include both growth and value investing. Providing a 5-year  of 23.31%, the fund aims to provide investors with e for long-term wealth growth.

7. Parag Parikh Flexi-Cap Fund

Rated extremely high risk, the i-cap fund has an  13,186.70  but has  expense ratio of 0.89%. With a minimum lump sum investment amount of 5000, the fund comes with an exit load of 2% if redeemed within 365 days and 1% if redeemed between 366-730 day. Aiming achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity and equity-related instrument, the fund is suitable for those looking to invest for 3-4 years and offer a 5-year  of 21.51%.

8. -Cap Fund

Aiming to generate income by investing in an actively managed diversified portfolio,   India -cap fund is extremely high risk and has an  of 1,688.70 Having been made available to investor in March 2015,  fund offers high returns but investors need to be wary of experiencing moderate losses due to its high-risk nature.   India cap fund offers a 5-year of 20.79%.


With an  327.45 Plan seeks to generate capital appreciation by investing  equity shares that display growth potential. Rated extremely high risk, the fund has a minimum SIP investment and minimum lump sum investment of  500. Under Section  up to  1.5 on the returns will be exempted from tax but the fund requires  lock-in period of 3 years. Return over  1.5 will be taxed at 10%. The fund offers a 5-year  of 23.92%.

10.  Asset Tax Saver Fund 

Having a low expense ratio of just 0.48%, the  Asset Tax Saver Fund has a zero exit load with higher returns than the category average. Being an open-ended , the fund come with a lock-in period of 3 years and is open to investing across market  It flexible approach offers a diversified portfolio containing stable, established companies and show high growth potential. With a 5-year of 22.45%, the Asset Tax Saver fund  best suited for investors looking to place their money in an investment for 3 year. The fund serve a dual purpose – tax-saving  long-term wealth creation.

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