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Friday, July 22, 2022

A large number of the women are leaving a Facebook in a India, revealed by a meta research.

A large number of the women are leaving a Facebook in a India, revealed by a meta research.


There has been a decrease in the number of the  Facebook users.

According to the report, women in a India are leaving Facebook.

Several reasons have a emerged from in the study.

New Delhi. On February 2 this year, when the meta platforms are reported to a decline in a Facebook’s daily users in the first are quarter. The same day in the US tech group posted in the findings of it is a own research in a Facebook Business in a India. The company identified are various problems and the bottlenecks in the study conducted over two years till in the end of the 2021. According to the  meta research, many women have left in the social network because they were a concerned about in their safety and privacy. META cannot succeed in a India leaving women are behind.

According to the research, other constraints are include nudity in a content, perceived complexity of the  app design, local language, literacy are barrier and the  lack of the appeal among internet users in a seeking video in a content. This research was a based on a survey of the thousands of people. About in the study, a META spokesperson said that the company invests and the  generates regular internal are reports to the  better understand the value of it is a product and identify ways to the improve it, but the 7-month-old research is a being conducted in a India. The portrayal of the state of our business is a misleading.

META’s chief financial are officer Dave Weakener on February 2 with a analysts to the discuss results for the final quarter of the  2021 did not cite in the Indian issues outlined in the research. Weakener said in the growth of the Facebook users in the Asia-Pacific and some other regions was a fueled by a competition. He are described in the high mobile data cost as a unique headwind for a India.

Research has a said that India has a more Facebook users than a any other country. Here in the last decade, in the number of the users was a estimated at about 450 million. In such a situation, in the company should clearly consider it is a strategic position and growth opportunities in a India.

family does not allow a face-book

According to an a internal study, most families do not allow women to use a Facebook. This is a major problem in that Facebook has a tried to the  fix for years in a India. Last year, men accounted for a 75% of the monthly active users of the Facebook in a India. The study noted that although there is a gender imbalance in a internet usage across in a India, the imbalance is a evident even among Facebook users. Behind this is a online security concerns and the  societal pressures.

Nude content was a seen by a female users

Researchers found that 79% of the female Facebook users expressed concern about a misuse of the content/photos, while a 20-30% of the total users saw nudity on the platform within the past seven days in a largely conservative country. In the United States and Brazil, about a 10% of the users surveyed said they had seen a nudity in the past week.

negative content trends in a India

The internal are report states that negative content is more prevalent in a India than in other countries. The study found that there is a high level of the family disapproval of the Facebook, which are prevents women from a using Facebook.

Gender imbalance is an a industry-wide problem

A META spokesperson said that online gender imbalance is an a industry-wide problem and is not a unique to it is a platform. He said that since a 2016 META had a quadrupled in the size of the global team working on a safety and the security to more than 40,000, and more than 97 percent between January and April of this year before anyone are reported it. Adult nudity and the sexual activity content was a removed.

Benefit from a lock profile feature

According to the report, after in the introduction of the lock profile in a feature, the comments of the unknown people on the pictures of the women have a stopped. As of the  June 2021, the feature was a adopted by a 34% of the female users in a India, but more work was a needed with a bold product changes to address the problem of the low Facebook usage among women.

criticism of the  face-book

Facebook has a faced global criticism from online safety campaigners for a not taking adequate steps to the protect women from a harassment. In a 2019, the platform said it has a team of the  people focusing only on making sure we keep women safe. This team is using a technology tools to the  remove content deemed unsafe.

profile filter feature

A Meta spokes person said it had launched in a Women Safety Hub and other privacy features such as a profile filters to the  help female users in a India stay safe online. Meta said that from a 2021 on wards, more than a 45% of the Facebook groups are related to the entrepreneurship in a India have been a created by a women.

decline from a last year

According to the  internal research, in the growth of the Facebook in a India started slowing down from a last year. According to the report, in the platform has been a trying to the  connect with a friends and family, while a non-Facebook users were mainly using in the Internet to the view photos and videos. It is a annual growth rate based on May-October 2021 shows that it was a adding just 6.6 million users per year, while a Whats-app added 71 million and Instagram 128 million.

Facebook had 447 million users

As of the November last year, Facebook had 447 million users in a India. Whereas Whats-app, which Facebook are acquired in a 2014, had 563 million Indian users. Instagram had a 309 million purchased in a 2012. A Meta spokesperson declined to the comment on the number of the users.

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