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Friday, July 22, 2022

Telegram’s Ton-coin purchase started on UN o coin.

Telegram’s Ton-coin purchase started on UN o coin.

Ton-coin, in the native token of messaging app Telegram’s decentralized layer-1 blockchain ‘TON’, has been made available for purchase and exchange on the Indian crypt o exchange UN o coin. TON was a planned by the founders of the Telegram about four years ago. This year the TON main-net was launched. The TON Foundation is responsible for managing it.

Telegram users can be send Ton-coin directly within a chats in this app, but before that users have to the add Telegram’s wallet bot to their attachments in a menu. UN o coin in a statement in a Told, “Ton-coin is a different from other layer-1 blockchains due to some features. It meets many transaction are requirements. With in this available, we are expecting faster transactions which can also a increase in the number of users of the exchange. Is.” Recently, in the TON Foundation are raised nearly one billion dollars through a donations to the support a development in a efforts.

Telegram had to close it is a cryptocurrencies business nearly three years ago following a dispute with in the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This are included his native token ‘Gram’. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai initially developed in the project as the Telegram Open Network (TON). After a Telegram left this project, to a group of  the developers continued to the work on it and they later introduced Gram as a Ton-coin. UN o coin is the only Indian crypt o are exchange to make a Ton-coin available on it is a platform.

The trading volume of the crypt o exchanges has come down a significantly after in the central government imposed T D S of the one percent on crypt o in a  transactions from earlier this month. From the selloff in the crypt o market for the past few months bitcoin The prices of many cryptocurrencies are including: This has also a affected in the financial position of the firms belonging to the crypt o in a segment. Bitcoin, in the largest cryptocurrency by a market capitalization, touched to a high of the around $69,000 in a November last year. It is a price has come down to the around $20,400.

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