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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Top 10 Emerging Smartphones brand (by a Growth) in a India.

Top 10 Emerging Smartphones brand (by a Growth) in a India.

Technology sure has a kind of the magic around it. Whenever it is a aimed at the making human life easier and the  providing in the tools for a better living, it becomes an a addiction that is not easy to the handle. Take the case of  the smartphones. The smartphones arrived in a late on 2008 in a India. Sony, Micro max, H T C, and Nokia were the most renowned players in a India at that time. But if we talk about this new decade, almost every player is a now gone. You would be a wondering what are happened to their fan base? Well, when a lot can be a happen in a snap of a second, then a decade is a long time.

The reasons for the fall of these companies were lack of the  design, little advancement in a design; not meet in the customer demands and the pricing was more. When Chinese brands came to the  India, the first thing they did was to keep in the price low in such a way that they have in their appropriate margin,in  the phone met the demands of the customer and a new hype of the brand is a created in the market. Xiaoping entered in the market in 2014 with it is a renowned deal with a Flipkart.

Then came other companies like a Opp, One plus, Viva, Real me, Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, Cool pad, Le Eco, etc. These all were Chinese companies. Some other companies also a tried in their hands in a India and are also a doing well like a Samsung(South Korea), Apple(America), As-us(Taiwan), Infix(Hong-Kong), etc. Thus, new brands have a continuously flourished in a India. Cost and the features have been the most dominant part of the marketing strategies of these brands. Now, let us know about in the newly emerging brands in a India along with the share they hold in a several previous in a quarters. Here is the list of the  top emerging brands of the  smartphones in a India-

1) Xiaomi

When it came to the Indian market, nobody would have a thought that a Chinese product other than a Chinese firecracker can be a sold in a large units ( pun intended). But in the predictions went all the wrong during in the first sale as a almost all the units were sold in a few seconds. That was a just the beginning of the reign of the Chinese smartphones in the country. Even today, it is a  occupies the number one spot as the most rapidly emerging smartphone brand in a India under the leadership of its CEO Mann Jain who is a great visionary and the marketer.

In Q 4 2018, it is a occupied to a 27% share in the smartphone industry which grew to the 29% in Q 1,2019 and then decreased to the  28% and further to 26% in Q 3, 2019 but rising again in a Q 4  to 27%. Xiaomi has even made it to the sub-companies in the previous years that is a Red-mi and Polo. Polo X 2, Red-mi Note 8/8 Pro, Red-mi K 20/K 20 Pro, and Mi Note 9/9 Pro are some of the new launches in a India from Xiaomi.

2) Samsung

This company has a faced many ups and downs in our country but still, it is a  growing rapidly in the premium segment as well as budget smartphones. In the year 2016-17, Samsung used to be a bit priced that is out of the budget and it is a premium phones competed a Apple’s phones but in the previous year, they are changed in the price with the quality features they used to the  provide and now they have become quite a good competitor in the budget smartphones. With in the release of the  Galaxy

S 20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy M 31 they have a changed in the game. From 20% share in Q 4, on 2018 they have a increased to 21% in a Q 4, 2019.

3) One plus

One plus has been a surprise smartphone in the world. The way it went to the  fame under Pete Laue and Carl Pei as founders was a amazing. It has a grown exponentially since it is a arrived in the Indian market. They are provided premium design and the features at a less-premium price that is around 33,000 I N R and the  created a buzz among youngsters. Now, it is a aiming to the compete with a premium phones with a little difference in the price. One plus 7/ 7 T, One plus 7 T Pro/ Clarence edition are few newly introduced in a  phones. It has grown a 90% on a Y O Y basis in a 2019 and sales nearly double that of the  Apple.

4) Apple

Apple is  known for it is a premium features with a large cost and it gives you the premium feel over the other brands. In a India, if you have this brand, it means you are damn rich. Apple has a always a particular fan base who are regularly upgrade in their phone with a new ones. However, in a 2018, it saw some drop in  the sales of the  iPhone X R, iPhone X R Max. But the last year releases like a iPhone 11/ 11 Pro have been a favorites of a large number of the Indians. The Pro variant costs around 1 Lakh. It is holds around a 1% share in the smartphone industry.

5) Real me

Real me is one of the newly launched in a smartphones in the Indian market but still, it has a grown rapidly especially among youngsters. Phones like a Real me Real me 6 i, Real me 6 Pro, Real me 6, Real me X 50 Pro 5 G, Real me C 3, Real me C 2 s,

are some phones that have made in this brand a huge hit. One reason is the innovations and the vision of the Indian CEO Madhav Sheth. It is a share is around 8% in Q 4, 2019.

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6) Opp o

Opp o is also a Chinese brand that has been a here in a India for a long time. It has been the sponsor for many TV shows and even the Indian cricket team. Thus, it has a become quite a popular brand with a share of the around 12% in Q 4, 2019 which is it is a highest share to the  date. About one year ago that is a Q 4, 2018 it has only a share of  the 7%. But, it has seen a consecutive growth in all the quarters.

7) Huawei

Huawei was in news for a long time due to its ban from the US. But now all that matter has a sorted and anyways, it would not have a mattered our market in that much. Honor is also a sub-brand of it that is a famous for a providing low and mid-range smartphones like a Honor 10 Lite etc but its share has a decreased due to the entry of the  Real me but still, it is a showing consecutively increasing share.

8) Vivo

According to the reports, Vivo has a now reached in the highest share in the smartphone in a industry and the share is a around 21% in Q 4, 2019. In a Q 4, 2018, its share was a around 10% and in a year it has gone more than a double. The new phones like a Vivo Z 1 Pro, Vivo S 1, Vivo V 15 Pro, Vivo Y 15 are some of the new and famous phones from in this brand.

9) Motorola

This is also a Chinese brand with a mixed reputation. It is a facing many ups and downs in the market after so many years in it. It has been in this market since a 2011 even before Xiaomi. When it  is a launched the Motorola G 5 in a  series, it was seen as a potential company but reluctant to not implement new design and lack of the  features have a some what are affected it with the decrease in a sales but now with the launch of the  phones like a Motorola One and Motorola X 4 it ha saw some gain in a buyers.

10) Nokia

Nokia was a reluctant to keep on a pushing its luck with a Windows OS after a being acquired by a Microsoft. Thus it paid as it made a historic loss for a Microsoft and thus was shut. Now, it is a playing its second innings with a new parent company with a releases like a Nokia 6.1, Nokia 8.1, etc but it isa  still not been up to the mark lately but still, it has a shown some growth in the market.

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